Here I am! In Venice… People says My mobility is a quick concept, I can be anywhere in any moment. Yes that’s correct!

My last few years I changed 2 continents and 3 cities, because I feel as I’m following my heart. And so, here I am in this wonderful city, the opportunity came out suddenly at the end of last year, as I was struggling for a terrible workload in my previous Company and then the destiny decided for me to be approached by a Head Hunting company that offered me a new life in Venice. I’ve never thought I could move to Venice, it was my dream location for University but I could never did it because my family was in Milan and there were no enough money to support the University in a City like Venice the dream turistic location for everyone in the World. 

Yes, it sounds strange, but every thing is coming up linked in many connection points, I realized that every thing in our life is possible if you just have the courage to think about it.

Be realistic and set standard, be courage and be positive! Yeah these are the few values in my professional life that really guided me.

I’ve be appointed Talent Acquisition Manager for a Asian based company that has the mother company in Europe and is starting up the first business in Europe and they choosed Venice. Sounds the perfect combination for me, Qiyan!

Whatelse? Nothing more! I’m in Venice already 1 months and something and I found easily a lovely apartment, the office building is amazing, the colleagues are lovely and I’m already involved in many activities.

Venice is magic, is amazing! The history, the culture, the art, the magic atmosphere, this is most amazing experience I could never imagine for myself.

I post some pictures just to share what I see by daily basis…

Venice is the perfect place for a quite and lovely life, in here you have inspiration for everything, you can catch the beauty of life by walking around the city in the little canals and be lost during the night.

The music of the night is composed by the lovely notes of the water and the weak and few lights permit us to see stars and big moon. The city is incredebly safe in any moment. No cars, no traffic, no stress, only a lot of inspiration and peaceful feeling.

I can’t ask for more at the moment!

The travel of my life continues…

Chinese Love Poem






料得年年肠断处,明月夜,短松冈。 ”

Chinese historical poem, dedicated to a dead wife. It is full of deep emotional touching moments… Something that is difficult to find in this era. The sorrow for the loss of a lover is undescribeble and this poem is untranslateble…

Diving Trip to Palau

People were asking where I’ve been this Summer and I replied “In Palau!”… 90% of my friends will say: “Oh in Sardegna? That’s beautiful place!”.

No not exactly, that is a great place! But not in Sardegna, which I believe is same amazing, but I’ve been in the middle of Pacific Ocean, in Republic of Palau an Independent Island, destination for divers and snocklers.

What’s special in Palau is diving, there are more that 150.000 species of fish, there are sharks living protected and pacefully, there are mantas, turtles, barrer of corals, holes and caverns! That is amazing place a paradise for divers.

I travelled 3 days to arrive in Koror, I did Milan-Beijing-Macau, spent one night and then Macau-Koror the Capital City of this little paradise of 2 million population.

Palau was under US until 1994 where became independent, so basically everything has US impronting, food, language, law, lifestyle… With our big surprises there were not any local folklers or if there are any we didn’t see.

The first day we arrived the driver addressed us in a chinese dumbling shop! Our five star hotel was run by a Taiwanese Chinese, huge quantity of chinese turist and chinese were running all the survenir stores.

I went there with my best diving friend Beilei and we were shocked.

We spent 4 full days on diving, we choosed Sam’s Tour, a five stars padi diving center that from the website seemed so cool, but actually was so so.

We did amazing shark diving and holes diving, espacially the Blue Holes were amazing!

We met few very cute chinese guys that were living temporary there doing experiences and living in a healthy enviroment.

The last day of our stay we decided to have a airplane experience so we rent a little plane and we had 40 minutes of amazing view for the islands! Palau is amazing from the sky!

We really reccomand to go there for a short trip, it wan’t cheep, but ok for what we experienced! We live only once, no?

Here below few pictures!




Set High Standard

The first thing my HR gave to me when I joined my first corporate job was a card with 7 most important mindset to keep in mind during your stay in this company and if you want to be successful.

My boss had a first performance review with me after 2 months and asked me what is the mindset that I feel I need to improve.

I told “Set High Standard”… She smiled and asked the reason. 

I turned saying “this is my first job and don’t know where to go, still need to understand meaning of all the things happening around me”

My boss was not a bit concerned that a 28 years old girl is still so much confused about life.

Yeah! This is the point!

I can’t justify saying that this is normal for Italians… Because I’m not an Italian, a fake chinese at that moment, just arrived in a new place, trying to set a life and not sure about tomorrow!

The answer of my boss was “at least you know that you need to set objectives and this is definitely a good start!” 

How can I say …. My boss was amazing! She gave me direction not because she tought me how to do, but she gave me direction only because her mindset and her leadership gave me material to learn, gave me a reason why, gave me a ROLE MODEL to follow.

This is the reason why I’m here and doing my HR role and every time I’m having some difficult time, my mind will fly back to the past at that day that I met my first boss.

Only setting hight standard we can really have objectives and having a objectives we know the direction and knowing the direction is something very desiderable for a great candidate applying any kind of job.

Remember to set up standards! For everything in our life!


Live Milan, Live Italy!

Recently I had some web exchange witn foreigners living in Milan. The feedback were not surprising but very predictable… But I was not sure that it was the same for every Country’s people moving here to live.

Italy is a great place, but I agree is not a easy place to live.

I moved in here when I was only 4 years old and my momery is full of sad episodes.

First of all, we arrived from Venece and moved to Florence for few months and then Milan where my parents were having some relatives. After few months we decided to go to Brescia, a little City near Milan (100kilometrs) because the father of my Mum were having a leather and goods shop and he was able to give us a better support.

Yes we were 3 foreigners without any language support.

I was a kid and my parents never studied english and of course neighter italian. We were completely left to the fate.

The foreigners of today are all refurnished with city guidebook, english language, italians with international background friends, and Milan is a city that compare to all other places in Italy is so open and international.

Anyway we were 3 complete foreigners in a little Country side town with no language support and no knowledge of tbe culture, no any information points to ask and no any friends. We could only count of relatives.

I remember that my grand father after few years got few very best friends in Brescia and they also saved his life once, my Grand Father was suffering heart disease and once they save him at extremis. He was totally alone before we moved in Brescia.

I remember we moved in a little village called Noce and nobody knows us. My father was helping my grand father and my mum was helping her brother in the leather bags laboratory that he was running.

I was always closed in the little room of our abitation, scared to go outside because my parents told me that bad italian policeman will pick me up and send me back to China. I was terrified.

But I also remember that after few years, the Noce population started to realize our existance and they tried to approach us. One day I was only 12 and my brother 5, they came the night of 24th December with a hourse where upside was sitting Christmas Father with many presents and gift! They were the priest of the Church and some volontaries that pulled together gift for us, they know we were there and they tried to help us! Making us to feel warm with their celebration the Christmas!

From that day I felt in love witb Italy and Italians! They just need to know you and they can offer everything to you once they know you.

Italians are the first in helping people, they have big heart and they love with all the power they have. 

But for sure they are also arrogant and superficial sometimes, they are not perfect! But it worth to explore them and let them enter in your heart!

I decided to become italian after my long stay in China, I was missing Italy too much to live in another place! I want to be italian and was worried that I will never be able to come back again if I was only holding a long stay permission! So I applied for citizenship and now I’m a italian-chinese that decided to stay in here.

I know it is difficult, it’s take time! But you will not regret for your experience in here, this is a sunny beautiful warm Country and you will be happily surprised!


 Yes! First time in here after having visited strange and uncommon locations in Asia now I’m finally here in Madrid, in an ordinary Europea City, the dream destination of most of my friends in China.

How can I say? This is a nothing special city if you look at surface.

As a single woman travelling for work, I travel alone, I walk alone, I check out thing alone, I’m responsible of my own safety, I eat alone and of course drink alone… Something weird? No if you know me… Unfortunately the people that don’t know me, will for sure will believe I’m a rich and spoiled student! Yes I look like 20s and stay in 5 stars hotels, eat in fancy restaurants and drink only good wine… Ahahah

The reality is that I really don’t like to do everything alone, but this what I am and what I need to do.

Today I arrived in Madrid earlier in order to be able to do some tourist staff, yes see the city and visit some museum, so I decided to go to Museo Del Padro and immerse myself into the Spanish Middle age. It was amazing but after few portraits I felt so disgussed and scared to be here alone and watching all those faces of dead people.

So I decided to get out and go for a walk back to the hotel and decide where to go for a very nice spanish food restaurant.

I past almost 1 hour to look at, foursquare, lonelyplant, ect… And finally I decided for a reataurant 10 minutes by walk from my hotel, I walked and was so excited because the tips where so good and my expectation was high. 

Now I’m in my hotel again after dinner, it was a nice dinner but not really what I was looking for, it was a very fancy and nice restaurant, nothing to do with  spanish food but a international Mediterranean restaurant… Even the wine were not really spanish… When I was walking back I switched on the music in my iphone and then I start to sing and laught! Yeah I was looking around all that time for a local food restaurant and then I failed! Is that meaning something to me? Maybe I spent all my life looking for something and I’m in the wrong direction?

Ohhhh My God! Help me!